Corporate Governance and Business Continuity Planning for Board Members

Date: 8th to 12th July 2024
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Location: Naivasha or Mombasa
Cost: Kshs 72,000 Net of tax per participant

Seminar Overview

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, effective corporate governance and effective business continuity planning are crucial for the success of any organization.

This seminar is designed to equip board members with a deep understanding of corporate governance principles and the strategies necessary for effective business continuity planning. Attendees will learn how to ensure their organizations are resilient, compliant, and prepared for potential disruptions.

Seminar Objectives

  • Deepen your understanding of key corporate governance principles and best practices.
  • Gain insights into the essential components of a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP).
  • Learn effective strategies for risk identification, assessment, and mitigation.
  • Develop the skills to oversee BCP development, implementation, and testing.

Who should attend

This seminar is designed for:

  • Board Members
  • Directors
  • Senior Executives 
  • Company Secretaries
  • Risk Management and Compliance Officers
  • Corporate Governance Officers
  • Anyone with an interest in corporate governance and risk management within their organizations. 

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