Sacco Performance Execution and Monitoring Strategies Seminar

Date: 15th to 19th July 2024
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Location: Naivasha
Cost: Kshs. 70,000 net tax per participant

Seminar Overview

This comprehensive seminar delves into strategies for maximizing the performance of SACCOs. Participants will learn effective methods for setting clear goals, implementing action plans, and establishing robust monitoring systems to track progress and ensure long-term success.

Seminar Objectives

  • Develop a strong understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) for SACCOs.
  • Master the art of setting SMART goals for your SACCO.
  • Design effective action plans to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Implement robust monitoring frameworks to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Learn best practices for data analysis and reporting to measure SACCO performance.
  • Develop strategies for continuous improvement and innovation within your SACCO.

Who should attend

  • SACCO Board Members and Management Teams
  • Branch Managers and Operations Staff
  • SACCO Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Financial Analysts and Performance Management Professionals
  • Anyone involved in strategic planning and performance improvement initiatives within a SACCO.

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