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Deductible and Non-Deductible Business Expenses

Monday, June 6 2024

It is important to understand the difference between deductible and non-deductible expenses to enhance your organization’s tax compliance.

Tax Deductible Expenses in Kenya

The Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA) allows businesses to deduct certain expenses incurred
while generating taxable income. Here are some common deductible expenses:

  • Business Premises: Rent or mortgage payments for your office space.
  • Salaries and Wages: Compensation paid to employees.
  • Utilities and Communication: Costs associated with running your office, like electricity, internet, and phone bills.
  • Professional Fees: Fees paid to accountants, lawyers, and other professionals for services related to your business.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Expenses incurred to promote your business.
  • Travel and Entertainment: Reasonable travel and entertainment expenses related to your business (receipts required).
  • Capital Allowances: Depreciation deductions for wear and tear on business assets.

Important Note:
Expenses must be wholly and exclusively incurred for the purpose of generating income to be considered deductible.

Non-Deductible Expenses in Kenya

Some expenses are not considered tax-deductible in Kenya. Here are some examples:

  • Personal Expenses: Expenses not directly related to your business, like meals not related to business travel or entertainment.
  • Fines and Penalties: Fines imposed by authorities or penalties for late payments.
  • Capital Expenditures: The cost of acquiring new business assets (though depreciation
    may be deductible).
  • Donations and Sponsorships: Unless to a registered charity with proper documentation.
  • Taxes: Taxes paid by the business itself (e.g., income tax).

Need Help Managing Your Deductions? 

Adamjee Auditors’ tax experts can help you navigate the complexities of Kenyan tax law and ensure you’re claiming all the deductions you’re entitled to. We offer comprehensive tax planning and preparation services to minimize your tax burden and ensure compliance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss how we can streamline your tax filing process.

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